ECO Tactical Vest (Level 3A)
7th February 2017
Tippmann Tipx Black

Tippmann Tipx

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Tippmann Tipx … The perfect self-defence solution at home, or side-arm for the avid paint-ball player.

Self-Defence: The Tipx is the perfect self defence weapon for the sales rep on the road, or your loved ones at home. It is ready when you need it thanks to Tippmann’s amazing technology that allows for the CO2 cannister to ONLY puncture on pulling the trigger for the 1st time. Armed with the correct ammo, pepper rounds & solid rounds, this pistol will surely assist in convincing intruders to “hit the road”

Player: The TiPX Pistol is a great solo marker or tactical backup sidearm, adding a new dimension to your game. The TiPX also features an under-barrel Picatinny rail, external velocity adjuster, clear ammo windows so you can see if it’s loaded, removable barrel with A5 threads, ability to add a remote line and foam lined hard shell carry case.