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17th February 2017
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Duke SB130 Wide Bullet Proof Vest

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Duke Battle Jacket Level 3A Wide

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Our vests are custom made and up to 40{b370b26dffb351e12c7c0f6c536121271f9f50a8058ff60681f8c4f7e0943119} lighter with better ballistic protection and mobility. This weight saving advantage will allow you to wear your jacket comfortably providing you with additional lifesaving tactical gear. Each armoured garment consists of independent panels and a trauma liner. Once all the panels are incorporated into the garment the wearer has full front, back, and side protection, thus minimizing the threat of injury to vital organs. We don’t use the conventional ARAMID fibres as they are heavier than the UHMPWE – Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene which we are currently using to produce our soft ballistic panels.
When the bullet strikes the soft body panel, it is caught in a web of very strong fibres, which absorb and disperse the energy of the impact, spreading it over a wide area. The energy is transferred to the vest from the bullet, causing the bullet to deform and mushroom. Each successive layer of the vest continues to absorb energy, until the bullet is stopped. Our soft body armour panels conform to SABS – SANS1658:2007 standard and has been successfully tested by the SABS ballistic laboratory in Pretoria for an equivalent international NIJ Standard 01.01.04 Level 2 and 3A protection, depending on your requirement. Reports are available at your request.

Each jacket is manufactured to suit your needs. Please note that a 10 – 21 working days may be required to manufacture

Dyneema® vs Kevlar

A Comparison of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE-Dyneema®) to Aramid Fibre (Kevlar) Performance

UV Light Stability & Strength

UHMWPE when exposed to UV light only loses about 5{b370b26dffb351e12c7c0f6c536121271f9f50a8058ff60681f8c4f7e0943119} of strength over about a 2 day period. Glove cut resistance changes little due to exposure to sunshine. Under the same conditions Aramid fibre loses about 25{b370b26dffb351e12c7c0f6c536121271f9f50a8058ff60681f8c4f7e0943119} of it’s strength over about 2 days. Performance deteriorates rapidly.

Heat Conductance & Comfort

UHMWPE yarn provides maximum comfort because it can disperse (body) heat quickly. It conducts heat like steel. Its heat conductance is 40 W/mk
Aramid fibre is insulative with a heat conductance of only 0.04 W/mK. Body heat cannot easily move off the skin and the panels/gloves build up heat and become sweaty.

Water Exposure

UHMWPE fibre is water resistant. It does not swell or breakdown in water and it maintains performance in wet or humid conditions. It absorbs no water.
Aramid fibre absorbs about 3.5{b370b26dffb351e12c7c0f6c536121271f9f50a8058ff60681f8c4f7e0943119} of its own weight in water. The gloves become damp and sweaty and Performance deteriorates.


The world’s strongest fibre: 15 times stronger than steel; 40{b370b26dffb351e12c7c0f6c536121271f9f50a8058ff60681f8c4f7e0943119} stronger than Aramid fibre. Aramid fibres are the second strongest: 7 times stronger than steel. 40{b370b26dffb351e12c7c0f6c536121271f9f50a8058ff60681f8c4f7e0943119} Less than Dyneema®.

Feel & Weight

UHMWPE is light weight: actual density is only 970 kg/m3. It floats in water and feels light and comfortable. Aramid fibre density is 1440 kg/m3 and it is heavier, more uncomfortable and bulkier in both garments and gloves.
Flexibility Comfort Durability
It is the only “superfibre” that does not break if bent or folded. The relative flex life of UHMWPE is 100 versus only 8 for Aramid fibres. This means performance remains the same no matter how many time the panel/glove is flexed or fingers bend. All day performance.
Aramid fibre is more brittle than UHMWPE. Its flex life performance is 12 times worse than UHMWPE. As the panel/hand is flexed and fingers bent the fibre cracks and breaks. Over time with each bending motion it loses its strength. Kevlar factories are covered in a “gold” dust because of this.

Abrasion Resistance

UHMWPE has the best abrasion resistance of all fibres. It abrasion performance is between 2.5 and 8 times better than other fibres. When conditions are wet it boasts even better performance up to 40 times better. The panel’s cut resistance performance remains predictably and consistently good.Aramid fibre abrasion resistance is poor because of its poor flex life. Tests have demonstrated that panels made with Dyneema® have up to 20 times more abrasion resistance than panels made with Aramid-based (spun) yarns. In a case study at Choice Fabricators Kevlar panels/gloves wore out 4 times faster than Dyneema® panels/gloves when used in the same operation.

Washable & Skin Friendly

Gloves made with UHMWPE can be washed dozens of times with no loss in performance. They also meet the humano-ecological requirements for direct skin contact – Oeko-Tex std 100.Aramid gloves can suffer up to a 16{b370b26dffb351e12c7c0f6c536121271f9f50a8058ff60681f8c4f7e0943119} strength loss after just two washes. So cut resistance is significantly affected. According to Du Pont’s Kevlar® MSDS CKSQM, acute exposure to its fibrous dust can cause irritation to the mucous membranes of the nose and throat. .


All our ballistic panels have been tested by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) and were tested in their Groenkloof Ballistic facility, please find the reports attached.
The SABS have tested our panels to SANS1658:2007 Standard for Level II, Level IIIA and also our supplier’s Plates to SANS 1658:2007 Level III Special (SA Mix)
The standard requirement is based on the National Institute of Justice standard NIJ0101.06 issued in the USA, which is the international industry standard to which ballistic protection levels must comply.


Duke Defence currently have the highest standard of ballistic vests available in the South African market, vests that will last for many years, offering consistently high levels of durability, wash ability, comfort and protection to the wearers at a very competitive price point.


S-L, XL – 2XL, 3XL – 5XL


Black, Busch Camo, Olive